For close to 40 years, my work/life have been about developing ways to make a difference - to create positive change in our lives, relationships, work, organizations and world. This includes: Connecting our "spirit" and our work. Creating environmental & social change. Running a values-or-purpose-driven business. Assisting people to communicate their ideas more clearly and effectively. Helping people relax/heal with Therapeutic TouchTM. And doing personal coaching.

For many years, I held back talking about my work, because I found it too difficult to explain or thought it was 'too far out there.' However, after 30+ years of practice, I've seen it work (in my life and for others). I know how difficult it is to make change in our world. And I'd like to contribute everything I can to help people create the life, work and planet they most want to have.

On the personal side, this website is a place to share other things I love and care about. Photography, beauty, joy, spirituality, the challenges of being real and speaking up, and discovering what moves us from within...

So that's you'll find here: services, ideas, events, and 'loves' that make a difference in my life – and I hope will contribute to yours.

All the best!


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Focus and Intention

My interest is in creating "change" from the deepest level: Personal shifts in thinking, feeling, behaviour and experience that create transformative change on the planet.

It's about helping people to explore and express their deeper selves (and truths). Facilitating personal growth, healing and transformation. Working with the root causes of our problems. And making 'conscious change' in business, environment and society, to create a "consciousness shift" for us all.

It's also about personal application. Integrating our professional interests and personal passions. Making a living and having a life. Seeing if "doing what we love" really works. Finding ways not to just 'sell' our services, but to serve others and the whole, while expressing our whole selves. And 'being the change' - by demonstrating the practicality of these ideas in our own lives.

I believe we are the new pioneers...