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1) Insights from the first Blue Box recycling program 
2) A Personal Challenge to be Sustainable
3) Understanding Human Nature (Part 1)
4) Understanding Human Nature - and the Split Within (Part 2)

Spirit and Work

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Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

Comments by Readers

Absolutely beautiful. A wonderful job! – Beth Martlew

Your “little book” is very special – quite an inspiration. – Carole Roberts

This book touched a part of me that I've always known. It gave me courage to be more confident about who and what I am, and the role that prayer plays in my life. It's also patently honest. It echoes what people (like me) feel about true spirituality, and the effect of it on one's life. Eric isn't just 'coming out.' This is a man on a mission.
– Anna Bowness 


About the Book

Twenty-seven years ago, Eric Hellman was an environmental consultant and communicator working on a new idea in recycling. It was called the Blue Box.

While washing dishes one night, he had a spiritual experience that led him to leave his project and field altogether, to explore "something larger" he needed to do. Following the God of his best understanding – but also committed to not talking about it because of painful past experiences – he worked 'silently' for over 20 years until he could hold back his truth no longer.

In this small book, Eric describes his journey, the challenges of staying silent for so long, and the experiences that led him to "come out of the closet." He then reflects on the nature of God and Spirit (from his own perspective), and his desire to apply this wisdom for the healing of our world.

About the Author

For over 20 years, Eric Hellman resisted talking about spirituality for fear of professional & personal rejection. A consultant, writer and speaker, his work is now helping others express and apply spirit at work and in everyday life.

ISBN 0-9781877-0-9 / Small format (4.5" x 6.9"), 48 pgs.
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