Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting Services

To grow more work that enriches your heart, your life and the planet

Reflecting on your work right now, what calls out most to you?

A desire for:
- Greater clarity about your direction and purpose
- Practical ways to use spiritual wisdom to grow your work
- Insights into how to make ‘more of a difference’
- New ways to communicate your ideas, projects, events, products or services
- Greater understanding & connection with clients/customers, co-workers/colleagues?

Do you want:
- work that ‘sings to you’ or expresses more of who you are
- more peace of mind or a deeper spiritual connection
- hope for the future, or new ways to make change
- connection with people who understand where you’re coming from
- someone to talk with, about what you’re going through?

Perhaps I can help...

Coaching/Mentoring to:
- Reflect on your current work (and life) issues
- Listen to your deeper needs, aspirations, blocks or challenges
- Help you take steps to grow your work, professional/personal self, or spirituality
- Find practical ways to bring more purpose, values and spirit into what you do
- Have someone to talk to who understands...

Coaching & Consulting to:
- Help you communicate your ideas, projects and services – in ways that express what matters most to you, and connect with the needs of others
- Design & implement projects and programs to grow your work, make a difference, and contribute to well-being and transformation
- Assist self-employed, home-based or 'conscious' businesses/organizations
- Develop new approaches/strategies for social change.

Rates/Fees: Based on the service and ability to pay

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Also available...

Energy-Touch Sessions:
For those who find it helpful, we also offer light-touch/energy sessions to help you centre, ground, connect and feel more stillness/peace.