Working with Spirit

"Spirit at work" isn't telling others how to think, act or believe. It's about "living it" in whatever we do. Bringing more of ourselves into work. Feeling fulfilled and on purpose. Applying our values, making a difference and working with purpose.

It's experiencing a deeper connection with others. Speaking more openly about what matters to us. Listening into the needs of others, whether it be co-workers, clients, customers or staff. And applying this same intention in our decision making, project selection, products, services and marketing…

For the past 25 years, my focus has been working with spirit to guide work/life decisions. Why? Because experience shows me that a deeper wisdom is at work in, around and through us. Magic can happen when we align with it. Our experience deepens and becomes richer because of it. And our effectiveness increases beyond what we would normally expect. But it's not always easy…

So HOW do we do that? How do we work with this wisdom in business & professional circles? Many of us know the ideas, but have difficulty talking about it or putting them into practice.

That's where we can help – with practical business services to help you succeed. Reassurance that you're not crazy (or alone) in thinking this way. And ways to express and experience more spirit in your work.

(To see more of my work in this area, click here for the Centre for Spirituality at Work website. And here for the Centre's community forum/bulletin board.)


Expressing Our Spirituality

For some of us, it's not an easy subject to talk about. It can raise all sorts of resistance, whether in us or in others we know.
And yet... sometimes we need to.

There's something in us that wants to go deeper, to get closer to our meaning, purpose and values. To deal with our deeper feelings or experiences. To heal with others or our past. Or to connect with our deeper spirit, human or Divine.

I know these challenges well, having faced them for close to 30 years of my life and career.

If you need or want to talk about "spirit" -- whatever that means for you -- I'd be honoured to help. To provide support and encouragement. To explore ways to talk about it in your work or professional life, with family or friends. To simply connect, share ideas or experiences (or reassure yourself that you're not crazy)...

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